Our Story

In alignment with the AMA and ACR, Integrated Imaging Consultants (IIC) acknowledges that the consolidation and corporatization of radiology present significant practical, financial, ethical, and moral implications for physicians and patients. Founded in 2016, IIC and its Member Groups were among the first to establish a major regional radiology consortium to secure physician independence to better serve the health of their communities.

While we face many challenges to our healthcare system, the practice of medicine is a deeply intimate experience and represents a lifelong commitment to both the patient and profession itself. If we are to deliver care for the right reasons, with the right actions, we must acknowledge that it’s our Values which give meaning to what is Right.

We believe independent physicians are a key element in transformative healthcare. Their desire to drive wellness efforts within their local communities makes them ideal partners in value-based efforts; their practice structure is more adaptive by nature, facilitating personalized, patient-focused care — at a lower cost; and their independence allows them to maintain more control over clinical decision-making for improved quality and outcomes, making them ideal partners on a local-level and within the larger healthcare ecosystem. Today, our 130-physician members are largely credited for preserving the private practice of radiology in the Chicagoland region where they provide unparalleled imaging services to the communities that they have uniquely adapted to serve.