Our Services

Contemporary Practice Management

Owning and operating a thriving, sustainable private practice requires acknowledgement of the factors driving consolidation among radiology practices and a reciprocal evolutionary change alongside the shifting landscape.  
Radiologists should be looking at the images, not over their shoulders. 
We will have your back. Our practice model has successfully sustained clinical and local autonomy for our members despite navigating the most complex and ambiguous time periods facing our healthcare delivery system. By centralizing functions that benefit from economies of scale and decentralizing functions requiring close to ground decision-making, our members achieved an attractive alternative to the commodified and corporatized practice of medicine, effectively insulating their unique and diverse communities from the ethical and moral implications of radiology consolidation. 

Radiology Consulting and Mentorship

Access to expert guidance by industry leading firms and an ability to leverage the extensive private practice experience of fellow Members.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our long-time partnership with one of the largest and most well respected Physician Practice Management companies results in premium service levels at the lowest possible cost.  

Medical Malpractice Insurance, Risk Management, Quality & Patient Safety

We have a shared-risk policy through the largest broker in the nation who partnered with us to develop a unique Risk Management Program. In conjunction with our Insurer and litigation support teams, our dedicated risk manager promotes clinical error reduction through proactive assessment of Practice matters and trends in litigation. Risk is continuously identified, education is provided on a variety of relevant matters, and a malpractice insurance premium credit is applied for our Member Groups. The program is supported by a physician-led Risk Management Committee. 

Compliance Program

The Compliance Program promotes an organizational culture that supports prevention, detection, and resolution of matters that could violate laws, regulations, contract requirements, or organizational policies.