Member Testimonials

“I really enjoy the collegial and predominantly sub-specialized practice that allows us to provide clinically actionable reports and collaborate with our patients and referring providers. Being part of IIC allows a large community of radiologist in the greater Chicagoland area to leverage tremendous benefits including innovative risk and quality measures, contracting opportunities, capitalize on progressive goals and provide stability in a changing landscape of medicine.”
Mrunal Shah, MD
South Hub Radiology
“Very proud to be a part of and leader in such a high quality integrated radiology practice. IIC is composed of some of the best doctors and people I’ve known in twenty years of practicing Radiology.”
Brad Strimling, MD
Advanced Radiology Consultants
“The IIC collaboration of multiple radiology practices allows the best of all worlds for private practice radiology in a competitive setting: local group autonomy at the hospital level, clinical cooperation between groups at the system level, and large aggregate group dynamic with respect to business operations.  Patients benefit from ongoing best-practice updating and multi-site peer learning endeavors.  This model affords a sense of stability and security for the radiologist. “
Ari Mintz, MD
Chicago Imaging
“The formation of Integrated Imaging Consultants (IIC) has been an excellent model for smaller-sized private practice radiology groups to coalesce around.  The benefits have been learning better clinical practices and workflows from each other.  Creating standardization in protocols has also helped deliver uniform practices, while allowing flexibility in special circumstances.  The ability to stay privately employed, maintain physician autonomy and provide the best care possible for our patients has been a major satisfier across the organization.”
Aheed Siddiqi, MD
Radiologists of DuPage