Dr. Kevin Kirshenbaum

Headshot of Dr. Kirshenbaum

Dr. Kevin Kirshenbaum, President of IIC, has grown up in the Advocate Health System having completed his residency at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in 1992. His experience in Radiology has included roles as Residency Program Director, Chief of Breast and Chest Imaging, as well as Chairman and President of his local group. The richness of these roles has served to provide Kevin with a unique insight into the clinical, educational, and business aspects of Radiology which he continues to bring to bear on all aspects of IIC’s current practice. Guided by what is best for the patient, Kevin firmly believes in Radiologist and Group autonomy serving the patient interest best, free of any outside non-physician interest and influence. Having fallen in love with the field of Radiology back in medical school, Kevin is no less passionate about his wife and four children and enjoys nothing more than getting out and hiking, biking, and rappelling his way through the US national parks.